I have obtained the national accreditation (ANECA) corresponding with the position of full professor in 2014 (2014-002678) and the recognition of research work by CNEAI during the periods 1997-2007, 2008-2013 and 2014-2019.

I started my research during my Ph.D in UCM in Spain about the impact of public and human capital on productivity and economic growth, focusing my research specifically on the impact of infrastructures on economic growth and efficiency in several geographical contexts and along with quantitative methods. Since my incorporation at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, I have collaborated with professors in URJC about fiscal incentives to R&D investment and in my department in some researches related with transport infrastructures and local equipment in the context of economic geography and urban economics. After several  international short stays , I have collaborated in common articles with professors in México, USA (Syracuse University and World Bank) and in Europe (London School of Economics and Political Science and Durham University). Finally, given that I belong to the research group “Oviedo Efficiency Group (OEG)” at University of Oviedo, I also have published joint papers with some other group members.

Currently, I continue developing some researches about innovation and spatial economics with professors in my department, in collaboration with professors from other national and international institutions.

A list of my most relevant publications can be found in IDEAS and Google Scholar.

Some of my articles have been published in international journals and I have participated in numerous research projects financed by Ministries and Public Institutions: